The idea of Namibia Plastics was conceived around a fire in 2010, when two friends, Wernich Meyer and Johan Struwig celebrated New Year’s.

Established in 2011 from a home-based office with only one cell phone and a laptop, Johan spent several months trying to win local clients, but with little success. Despite this, he continued to pursue his vision of growing a successful business that would impact the local manufacturing industry, support government’s growth-at-home dream, and ultimately improve the economy at large.

The company officially became “bankable” in 2014, and started employing people, with a 250 sqm warehouse and branches in Windhoek and Walvis Bay.

In 2017, Namibia Plastics started the construction of a 2,660 sqm state-of-the-art manufacturing plant at Brakwater aimed at closing the gap of an estimated 50% of plastic imported from abroad.

We are committed to empower everyone around us to grow, develop and succeed in order to enhance the lives of our collective team and valued customers.

Our Group Values 
Let's Communicate

I talk openly, honestly and from my heart with integrity.
I take care to listen and learn from others’ inputs.
I have discussions with my team, their expectations and provide regular feedback.

Let's Action

I own, support and drive the strategy of the company.
I act decisively, with consideration and accountability.
I deliver on tasks with quality and speed.

Fair Profits

I am aware that an appropriate level of profit is necessary to maintain and grow the company.
I own the company’s performance management and succession strategies.
I allow my values to continue to be observed.

Value Customers

I ensure that we continue to provide best quality products at competitive prices.
I create outstanding customer experiences and always go the extra mile.
I understand that my colleagues and suppliers are also my customers.

Value People

I empower everyone around me to grow, develop and succeed in order to grow our collective team.
I continually seek to provide new initiatives and better ways of doing business ethically.
I celebrate the success of my company, colleagues and myself.
I am aware that enjoying work and life is important. Happy people are more successful.

Our Vision 

To become the market leader everywhere we serve.

Our Mission 

We are a Namibian company with access to advanced technology and knowledge.
Our entire team is goal-oriented and share the same vision, mission, objectives and values.
We continuously improve the quality and value of products and services to our clients and partners to ensure we deliver and create exceptional customer experiences.
Our colleagues and suppliers are treated with the same respect as we offer our customers.
All our people are empowered to grow, develop and succeed individually and as a collective team.
We are passionate about what we do and have fun at the same time.