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Co-extruded south for optimum growth and improved yield.

Soil moisture conservation (45% savings) which in turn gives low soil moisture variation in the root zone, therefore reducing plant stress. Improvement of root structure promotes more active root growth.

Black mulch eliminates light, preventing the photosynthetic process in weeds. Elimination of weeds also contributes to accelerated growth and higher yields through less competition for existing soil nutrients.

Clear mulch raises soil temperatures for excellent post winter germination. Optimum conditions ensure earlier and larger crops.

Moisture conservation
Weed elimination and soil disinfection through solar heat
Less soil compaction by soil not drying out.
Optimum usage of fertilizer. No leaching.
Enables earlier planting
Optimum conditions ensures earlier and larger crop
Excellent mechanical properties and tear strength


UV stabilized from 6 – 18 months

Colours: Black, Black-White, Black-Silver, or any other colour
Widths: 500mm to 2m
Lengths: 500m to 1000m
Thickness: 20 to 60 micron